We turn your idea into tangible X fidelity mock ups  while preserving overall design consistency with added test functionalities

service design

Service Design

We focus on creating optimal service experience by organizing infrastructure, communication, people & material components

experience design

Experience Designing

Our design thinking experts ensure to give a clutter free & delightful experience for your clients with visible results in engagement

UX Research Lab

Our full functional analytics lab provides time to time reports for overall product performance & creates hypothesis for further optimization

User Interface Design

Our designing strategy is laser-focused to turn your ideas into a clear and fully functional interface. We are passionate about maximizing the usability of the interfaces that we design for you.

User Experience Design

We analyze all aspects of end-user interaction with the product and focus on transforming system complexity into actionable and user-friendly design that has both beauty & functionality

Service Flow Architecture

We choose what works best to organize design elements for a great user-experience. We make sure that users can easily find their way around interfaces to solve unique needs in multiple usage possibilities.

Wireframing & Prototyping

We create the basic layout to define the structure of the entire product. We also provide early possibilities to test functionality before the development of the final solution or MVP.

Ui Testing & Validation

Our team tests your product through various test cases and usage possibilities. We check design inconsistencies, bugs and functionality of your product, and provide recommendations for improving performance.

Infographics & Typography

Unique and hard-hitting infographics are all about synergy in the use of both text and images. Our design experts love to create eye-catching visuals using effective graphics combined with unique typography.

Why PLIXBOX For UI/UX Designs ?

Our designs are minimalistic, smooth, aesthetic and user-friendly, crafted to make them simple and amusing for the end users who interact with your mobile apps / website. We create outstanding UI designs for almost every type of mobile device and platforms, including Android, iOS, Smartphones, Tablet, Windows UI, and more. At Plixbox, we have an accomplished team of UI/UX designers who have vast industry experience along with creative skill set to draft unique & amazing UIs while analyzing the specific requirements of our clients.