Facebook ads


Facebook marketing has by far the maximum reach due to its huge user base. Our experts can devise appropriate strategy for facebook page management for the best results.

Linkedin ads


If you want to manage online reputation of your company, then linkedin serves the purpose. Be it hiring or a new product launch, we will do your task quite effectively.

instagram ads


Image and video content engages maximum audience than the pain text posts. If you want to create a personal brand or any product promotion, we will do it for you on instagram.

twitter ads


Are you facing any troubles to resolve your customer queries? Then use twitter. Our experts can manage the page & make sure your posts get maximum retweets & shares.

Social Media Strategy

Our experienced creative team pans out different strategies for your social media page management. Volume, velocity, content timing and right platforms are selected based on the domain or niche you are operating in.

Online Platform Selection

We understand your target & goal. Accordingly we select the appropriate content seeding platform, where your target audience is present, so that you will be able to achieve higher engagement of your posts & advertisements.

Content Curation & Distribution

Our creative team is well aware of the trending topics. They do content curation & develop high quality content, which is distributed or published through different channels and mediums for maximum hype creation.

Influencer Marketing

We work with several PR agencies & media houses. After understanding your niche and targeted audience base, we select the best suitable influencer, who can advertise your product or service with a better reach.

Community Management

Managing a social media community is an easier said than done task. Our experts always moderate the content published by the users, filter the community from spam & spoofing content which results in trust building.

Social Media Monitoring

We use several social media monitoring & automation tools to have a watch on it's performance over time. Weekly reports are generated with detailed information about user acquisition, reach & engagement levels.

social media marketing


What do we do?

  • Graphics, Posters creation
  • Highly engaging Content Write-ups
  • Social Media Influencer Marketing
  • Paid promotions for Branding+Lead generation
  • ROI based campaigns for low CPM, CPC & CPL
  • Social Media Community Management

Content seeding Platforms

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Reddit etc
  • Product specific social media channels
  • Insights, report, analytics for optimized results

Why Plixbox for Social Media Marketing services?

Plixbox provides end to end services for social media marketing & social media management. We also have tie ups with some big media houses & influencers to promote your product or service effectively. We have an inhouse team for content creation, content curation, blogging, art work, graphics etc & we use social media planning & automation tools which results in better engagement levels. You will be provided the weekly & monthly reports of the performance parameters like new users, no of posts, engagement metrics like likes, follows & comments along with the billings for the paid promotion campaigns.