We are a young & dynamic IT company trying to bring a progressive transformation in digital space while solving our client’s toughest challenges by providing unmatched service in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Apart from the services, our range of SAAS products are poised to bring a revolution in digital advertising, big data, analytics & cloud space by providing innovative and enterprise friendly products with the option of customization according to the requirements. We are the pioneers in the digital industry to provide end to end solution to specific industries like Real-estate, Travel & tourism, Food tech, Health, Insurance, Education, Entertainment etc. Our ongoing experiments on building a BYOD solution with high security and encryption while creating a virtual environment will definitely bring a big change to the remote working space. 



We are quite focused & prepared for the changes ahead. To change the business landscape at breakneck speed, we constantly evolve the business processes, personalized product offerings and new business models.


Team Plixbox is always updated with latest trends & technologies. Along with that we always strive to perform better while looking past the events of today and into the possibilities of tomorrow.


Plixbox strives to meet client's needs with focus & determination. Our team of experts happily embrace tough challenges and put ceaseless efforts until the problem is solved.


We always focus on nurturing our employees through constructive feedback. Work life balance, mental health are given utmost priority along with constant learning and training process to face tough challenges.


Our efforts are continuous & in sync with the expectations of clients. We build synergy & seek proactive suggestions from our team members & clients for continual improvement of the service & a better product delivery.


We focus on best-practices that produce integrity, adaptability, sustainability, and execution. From planning, billing to final product or service delivery, we leave no stones unturned for executing best fair practices according to industry standards.

“The future is automation. So one of our primary goals is to bring flexibility, convenience & ease of use in products and services to make everyone’s life comfortable while using extensive data and information to provide customized service according to the need. From health care, education, travel to heavy engineering & real-estate, Plixbox will be at the forefront to bring innovation, ergonomic designs & functionalities in the digital space while taking the living experience to a next level”

– Bibaswan Panda (Founder)