Managed cloud hosting


Proactive management of AWS in the form of tooling, automation & 24*7 monitoring to keep your applications run smoothly

Google Cloud

Operational Excellence, security, governance & advocacy with real-time monitoring & support for a boosted performance

Microsoft Azure

Unleash the power & performance of Microsoft's cloud platform for computing, storage and virtual network infrastructure

Digital Ocean

Unhindered performance & scalability by using droplets, kubernetes, databases & storage solutions 

Cloud Migration

Moving to Cloud can be intimidating and overwhelming for those without experience. We can use our proven methods to help reduce interruption and risk as you take this critical first step into the cloud.

Resize & Scale

Our experts monitor the performance  & quickly scale up, scale down or migrate to different server types to meet the demand. We use suitable load balancers for the optimal performance of your applications.

Application Installation

Our technical team will install your applications in cloud. Be it Linux, windows or any other environment, forget worrying about installing applications on any cloud server.

Server Optimization

Optimizing performance & cost of cloud environment involves regularly analyzing infrastructure & usage. Our experts ensure best performance of server according to the need of the applications, usage & environment.

Storage & Back-up

Store & retrieve any amount of data, including audio, video, images automatically with out worrying about data loss. We’ll handle setting up, backing up & updating your data in regular time intervals.

Security & Firewalls

Security, governance and compliance are top concerns. We secure your infrastructure, Monitor system-level metrics & take care of firewalls, private networking with real-time alerts.

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Why Plixbox For Cloud Services ?

Everything on the cloud is real time, if you have a problem, it needs to be fixed in real time as well. That’s where Plixbox comes in. We are agile. We are innovative. We are young, adaptable, precise and fast. Attributes most business need while dealing with cloud. Every solution from Plixbox is seamless & secure. We have an excellent Track Record of providing cloud solutions to different domains. 24x 7 Certified Customer Friendly Support  is ready to assist you any time of the day.