Programmatic Advertisements : Reaching Audience across screens

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Marketing is most effective when you achieve the 3 R’s,ie deliver the Right message to the Right person at the Right time. Programmatic Advertisements help advertisers do that in real time and at scale. There are multiple digital mediums through which users engage themselves through out the day. Millions of websites, applications & other internet channels are used to make the information reach the audience across screens. Every marketer wants his/her product to be advertised to the targeted audience, and programmatic Ads happen to serve this purpose in a better way through automated monitoring & analytics.

Fulfilling consumer’s moment of need

Smartphones, tablets, desktops and other display gadgets are increasing. Screens and channels are multiplying rapidly. If your desired audience happens to be reading news on any application or watching videos on any internet channels , we try to feed him with relevant ad formats.   Programmatic Ads help brands find and reach their audience in whatever way is most effective, whether that’s a video ad on a mobile phone or a display ad on a tablet. It’s all about doing what drives the greatest impact.

Through analytics, we have the information about the audience’s past data. For increasing the ad’s performance and relevancy we consider several attributes like demography, geography, interests, behavior, time, devices etc, filter the audience and feed the ads.

Push & Pull strategy in a better way

Every marketer is well aware of the buying behavior of the customer. Pushing an Ad through different channels on different screens & different mediums makes an audience curious about the product. While displaying the ad to a naive audience, we measure and analyze the intent of level of interest. If the audience shows a sign of interest, it’s time to pull the him through re-marketing techniques. For eg. A guy has searched for “apartments to buy”. He will be able to see the search results along with the ads. Through programmatic Ads we feed his applications, internet pages he surfs, social media sites he browses with relevant ads, so that there will be a maximum chance of conversion.

We at Plixbox have expertise in running programmatic advertisements, which gives maximum ROI. Our marketing experts analyze and monitor every advertisements we run and strategize for a better performance output over time.